Strategic natural resources of Venezuela: Diamonds. By Eduardo Rivero. 09-04-2019.

In the series of analysis on strategic natural resources available to Venezuela, it is the turn of a mineral with precious characteristics: The Diamond. This resource is born wonderfully of a complex process where a very high temperature predominates under the surface of the earth combined with the pressure that crushes them and ends up transforming the coal to its last phase becoming the so-called “precious stone”. Venezuela has the first certified global reserve of this resource (1,020,000,000 carats).

Like gold, diamond is linked to the most relevant areas of society, such as political power, economic processes, industries and even baseball. For example, what determines that these precious stones are so strategic is the fact that they can be introduced as a backup to the economy of a country, similar to gold, so it can be included in strategic government policies for the ultimate strengthening of the local currency; which in turn involves a political strength almost directly for those who apply such a strategy, as workers president Nicolás Maduro does today.

In industrial processes its importance does not diminish, but it is vital, for example, it is known that diamond is used in countless cases in the drilling of oil wells, this because this mineral is the one that presents the highest degree of hardness of all existing minerals. Diamond is the hardest substance known and receives an index of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. So its employment in the industry is very high especially in cases where any type of drilling in the ground should be used.

The beauty of this mineral does not cease to impress in all its forms, and even more everything that can be derived from its use or its diverse uses that touch up to the colloquium of the daily life of the peoples. In the field of baseball (one of the most practiced sports in the world), it is well known that the internal sector of the field that involves the home and the 3 bases, is commonly called “Diamond”, which symbolically represents the fan's perception and of all those who are part of that world that this game is precious to them.

Something similar occurs in the collective imaginary, for example when a particular person has exceptional potential for a specific area, the phrase “is a diamond in the rough” is often used, which indicates that he is someone who can exploit his virtues even more . Making this a parallel to the very complex process of diamond formation that ends in a beauty of nature to the eye.

Venezuela also has large reserves of this resource, which is included in the consolidated development plans in the Plan of the Homeland bequeathed by our Eternal Commander Hugo Chavez, which undoubtedly poses great challenges for the defense of the nation and sovereignty but at the same time high winds of hopes to achieve the power country that we all want and deserve. 

Eduardo Rivero
Analista de Temas Geopolíticos

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