Strategic natural resources of Venezuela: El Vanadio. By Eduardo Rivero. 09-04-2019.

In this order of writings of the natural resources of strategic impact that Venezuela has in its blessed territory, it corresponds to the honor of being presented to one of the most impact, value and hardness such as El Vanadio.
This metal is found in enormous quantities of the Venezuelan territory because it is mixed between the largest oil reserve in the world that we all know as the Orinoco Oil Belt "Hugo Chávez Frías". Vanadium, symbol V in the periodic table, is a silver-white metallic element of atomic number 23; It is one of the transition elements of the periodic system and one of the hardest metals on the earth's crust.

It has a melting point of 1,890 ° C and a boiling point of 3,380 ° C. It is never in its purest form, especially in the oils of Mexico and Venezuela. Due to its high tensile strength, metal is used in many alloys, such as ferrovanadium (screwdrivers), nickel vanadium and chromium vanadium.

Chrome vanadium steels are used to make springs and in transmission mechanisms and other engine parts. Titanium vanadium alloys are used for projectile sheaths, jet engine racks and nuclear reactor components. As a catalyst, vanadium has largely replaced platinum in the manufacture of sulfuric acid and is often used as a photographic developer, as a reducing agent and as a drying agent in various paints among many other uses.

The largest producers of vanadium South Africa, Russia and the People's Republic of China with a total of more than 90% together, reaching the top of 95% by 2007 when 58,600 tons were extracted.

Undoubtedly, this beautiful homeland has inexhaustible sources of material wealth that must be capitalized for the stimulation and development of spiritual wealth, all in the inexorable search for the construction of a model of social justice lasting over time and also the permanence of the legacy sovereign of the liberators and the greatest leader, Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez.
Eduardo Rivero
Geopolitical Issues Analyst

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